Includes two cartons of floss.
Blue/raspberry & pink vanilla flavors.
100 cones & 50 bags, makes 100 cones.
Includes one kit that serves 100.
Kit includes blue raspberry,
cherry, & orange flavors, straws & cups.
Includes one box that serves 50.
The cart can be plugged in or used with dry ice.
Dry ice & ice cream not included.
All Concession Machines are Delivered & Picked Up By Asaro Tent Rental For Our Customer's Convenience.
Customers Will Clean Machines By The Time They Are Picked Up Or a Cleaning Fee of $75.00 Will Be Charged.
Cotton Candy Machine
Sno-Cone Machine
Ice Cream Cart
Popcorn Machine
popcorn machine barbecue grill
Rolling Barbecue Grill.
6 ft of cooking area, requires charcoal. Charcoal not included and is the customers responsibility.
Includes one kit, which consists of 100- 12oz. slush cups, 50 lids, 100 spoon-straws and two gallons of slush syrup. Each gallon makes five gallons of finished product.Do not use extension cords to plug in. Use inside for best results. Outside use must be in the shade and less than 80 degrees outside. Allow at least 2 to 3 hours to freeze.
Hot Dog Steamer.
Holds Approx. 40 hot dogs and 18 buns. Pre-heat for 30 minutes and cook the hot dogs for 50 minutes to reach serving temp.
Requires electricity.
Supplies not included.
Twin Bowl Slushy Machine.
2.5 Gallon Bowels.
Nacho Cheese / Chili Dispenser.
The unit uses 80 oz. bags of cheese & chili. No fuss, no mess, self serve. Includes machine and one bag of cheese & one bag of chili. Nachos and trays not included or provided. Serves approximately 50.
cotton candy machine sno-cone machine ice cream cart
Daily Rental Rate, $100.00.
Additional kits-$40.00 each.
Daily Rental Rate, $100.00.
Additional kits-$25.00 each.
Daily Rental Rate-$100.00.
Additional supplies:
Serving box for 50-$20.00 each.
Serving box for 100-$30.00 each.
Rental Rate- $75.00.
Extra Cheese Bags-$20.00.
Extra Chili Bags- $20.00.
Rental Rate-$60.00 per day.
Rental Rate-$160.00 per day.
Rental Rate-$60.00 per day.
Rental Rate-$130.00 per day.
"Just call me the Tent Guy"
Carnival Games
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