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Cleaning and Repairs
Our Tent Cleaning & Repair Process
For those companies out there who just do not have the time or the man power to repair & clean equipment prior to the busy season, Asaro Tent Rental offers the additional services to help kick the season off with clean and quality equipment for your customers.

1. We open the tent and inspect it for damage. We can provide a quote for basic repair work for such things as grommet repair, re-roping new guylines and minor pinhole patching/vinyl tears of tents as well.

2. We handwash both sides of the tent giving the canopy a nice quality clean that a washer just cant do. If a deep cleaning hand washing is needed or required we can provide this service as well for an additional fee which will be evaluated at the time of inspection. This gentle care is critical to removing mildew, dirt, and most leaf stains.

3. We fold the tops and put them back into their bags, which are clearly marked for you for pickup, or you can arrange for us to pick up the equipment and deliver it back to you.

10x10 Pole Canopy- $50.00/ Fame Canopy- $300.00
10x20 Pole Canopy- $100.00/ Fame Canopy- $350.00
15x15 Pole Canopy- $112.50/ Fame Canopy- $350.00
20x20 Pole Canopy- $200.00/ Frame Canopy- $600.00
20x30 Pole Canopy- $300.00/ Frame Canopy- $700.00
20x40 Pole Canopy- $400.00/ Frame Canopy- $800.00
30x40 Pole Canopy Only- $1,000.00

We do not service any canopies larger due to the hardware and parts needed. Customers must also provide the additional equipment to setup up the canopy, items such as ropes, poles, frame parts and connectors due to each type of canopy/manufacturers being different.
Re-Rope Guylines- $125.00 dollars per new line and we provide the rope and new dog bone/plastic slider.

Pinhole and small tear patching quoted per tear or issue. We cannot not provide any type of vinyl sewing.

Sidewalls-$60.00 Per Sidewall, no matter what size.

Chairs- $6.00 Per Pressure Washed Chair

Tables- $10.00 Per Perssure Washed Table With Removal of Debris.

Inflatable's Vacuumed, Sanitized and Patched- Quoted Per Inflatable, please call.


Contact Information:
Warehouse Location: 385 Franklin St. Brighton, MI 48116
Phone Number: 810-459-2161

Store Hours :
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 PM
Saturday-Sunday 9:00 am - 2:00 PM
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